Issue 117 | March 2023


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March 2023 issue of Plain Values magazine.

Inside this issue:

  • Fake Meat by Joel Salatin
  • Changing Lives… One Bite at a Time by Rory Feek
  • (BONUS) The Grandfather Effect: Prologue (part 1) by Brian Dahlen
  • The Roundtable | Amish Insights on: Restoration
  • The Art of Sourdough by Melissa Norris
  • The Slack-End of the Year by Shawn & Beth Dougherty
  • Loss and Legacy by Ferree Hardy
  • God Gaps by Wendy Cunningham
  • (BONUS) Remarkable Joy: The Wurdeman Adoption Story by Sabrina Schlabach
  • Sight and Sound Theatres: A Story of Deliverance & Faith by Nic Stoltzfus

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