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We all want to be healthy. We eat right, we may exercise, but is that enough? Do you still feel tired or lack energy even after doing those things? Are you sure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy and your body fighting disease? Max-Well is a Christian company that desires to help people like you and me to be in the best health we can possibly be. What if I told you that the supplements that I’m about to share have helped people with AIDS, Mononucleosis, Ebola, and many others? It’s true, and the amazing part is that it comes from the ocean. Trace minerals are that important to our health. How would you like to feel good every day?

Paul Schneider Jr. and his wife were missionaries to Ghana, West Africa for many years. After returning to the States, the Lord had other plans for Paul’s life. He joined the family business, which his dad started in 1969. They sold agricultural products. In his agricultural research, Paul read a book by Dr. Maynard Murray, “Fertility from the Ocean Deep” about all the benefits that fertilizing with sea minerals offers to plants and to animals that eat those plants.


Max-Well is a Christian company that desires to help people like you and me to be in the best health we can possibly be.


Paul had a desire to help people be healthy. He prayed for insights on how he could do this. Once again, the Lord answered. Through two studies in Kenya involving those with HIV, using his product to help people with Ebola in Liberia and mononucleosis here in the USA, the products Ionic Sea Minerals and Ocean Treasure had almost miraculous results. Children who were dying were once again lively and thriving and others had health restored so they could live life as God intended.

Now, Paul wants to be clear and say, he did not come up with these products on his own. By reading, doing research, and by contacting those who were already distributing sea minerals and sea vegetables, but mostly through the Lord’s leading, the company Max-Well came to fruition.

Ionic Sea Minerals and Ocean Treasure are supplements meant to be taken once a day. Many have testified that symptoms and diseases have vanished by taking these supplements.

The first product, Ionic Sea Minerals, is a great source of electrolytes. Did you know that electrolytes influence all the other major organs in your body? Ionic Sea Minerals contains pure, concentrated ocean water—that’s it! Amazing! Ionic Sea Minerals is full of magnesium. In case you didn’t know, magnesium benefits our bones and prevents osteoporosis. It also helps to oxidize the blood, which means an increase in energy. We could all use that! Magnesium relaxes our muscles and helps a person sleep. Another great plus to magnesium is that it softens stools and prevents constipation. Please feel free to call or write for more information or visit to learn more…


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