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words by: Sherri Romig




No one likes to hear the word “cancer,” but unfortunately, we’ve heard it all too often. This deadly disease has affected our lives, either personally or through family and friends. My own parents passed away in the clutches of this deadly disease. As a caregiver, I know the suffering that cancer patients endure. I know first-hand how it feels to watch and be completely helpless.

For many, radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer have wreaked havoc on their immune system, leaving them sick and vulnerable to other diseases. But, I am happy to report an alternative. Immunity Therapy Center has effective, affordable treatments for cancer and other autoimmune and infectious diseases like Lyme disease.

Dr. Carlos Bautista opened the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico, in 2007, but his passion for helping others began long before that.

As a boy, Dr. Bautista dreamed of becoming a doctor. From a very young age, he did not like to see anyone suffer from sickness and not be able to help. He was further inspired to become a doctor by his father, a pharmacist. Dr. Bautista observed and wanted to emulate the compassion his father showed to his customers at the pharmacy.

In 1994, Dr. Bautista began working in a hospital that offered alternative medicines and therapies. He was amazed by what he saw—alternative, natural cancer treatments that were making people feel better and saving lives. He studied the therapies rigorously and became an expert in them.
Later, Dr. Bautista’s mission to help those in need was solidified when his father was diagnosed with lung cancer. As Dr. Bautista watched his father suffer the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, he was driven to further study alternative cancer treatments, both for his father and for other cancer patients. 

Dr. Bautista is now a father himself, and his dedication to helping suffering people has not wavered but has driven onward. As a tribute to his father, he is always on the lookout for the newest ways he can help people.

Many people come to the Center without hope, but it is the privilege and delight of Dr. Bautista and his staff to give hope and healing through alternative treatments and the grace of God.

What is “Alternative Therapy?”

You may be wondering just what kind of treatment this “alternative” approach is. You will rest easy in knowing that it is not based on the use of chemicals for treatment. Alternative therapy stimulates your immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells in combination with natural, non-invasive, effective therapies that will take advantage of cancer cells’ weaknesses. The idea is that the tumor or cancer cells are not the only issues being addressed; your whole body is trained to fight off the disease. This is called immunotherapy. 

“We focus on not just killing cancer cells, but on immunotherapy cancer therapy to boost your immune system’s ability to fight on its own,” Dr. Bautista says.  

Cancer cells try their hardest to stay alive inside the body. They have their own defense mechanisms to escape detection by our immune systems. So, if our immune systems have been weakened due to chemotherapy or other conventional treatments, the cancer cells will be able to take over. Immunotherapy increases the body’s ability to detect cancer within itself and tell your immune system to attack the cancer cells. 

The Immunity Therapy Center offers more than twenty alternative and effective cancer therapy options, and they realize that not every cancer patient is the same. That is why every patient receives a customized treatment program. This sometimes involves combining multiple treatments, which ensures the best chance of a better prognosis, improving the quality of life, and entering remission.

The multiple therapies patients receive are designed specifically for them and are chosen to best fight the disease and boost the immune system. Immunity Therapy Center offers all of the latest, cutting edge alternative therapies anywhere. 

Not only does the Immunity Therapy Center treat all types of cancer, but it also treats patients at all stages of the disease, from stage I to stage IV. Also, the center treats chronic degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases. So whether you or a loved one have received news of any of these conditions, undergone radiation and chemotherapy, or have been given no hope of recovery, the Center offers hope and healing. There is an alternative.

What is it Like to be a Patient?

Many of you may be wondering how the process of becoming a patient works and what to expect.

It all starts with a call to a Patient Advocate, who will answer some basic questions and then schedule a free consultation. During your consultation, a doctor will ask more in-depth, pertinent medical questions. After reviewing your medical history, a doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for the therapies the Center offers. If so, you will then be scheduled to receive your first treatment. 

Your patient advocate is your personal travel guide in the Center at all times. They will make all necessary arrangements, send you a checklist of items to bring—such as your valid travel documents—and answer any questions about what you should expect once you arrive at the Center. They will also greet you when you arrive and be there to support you through your entire stay.

After you arrive in San Diego or Tijuana, Immunity Therapy Center staff will pick you up and take you to the Center or to your accommodations. Some apartments and selected hotels in Tijuana offer reduced rates for patients. Many patients find that one of the best parts of treatment at the Center is spending time in the vibrant, colorful culture of Mexico.

What is Treatment Like?

Dr. Bautista wants to know the patients. That is why he will spend time getting to know you when you arrive and will answer any questions you may have. A doctor will then conduct a complete and thorough evaluation. 

Immunity Therapy Center is committed to providing individualized care. The doctors will update your progress and adjust the therapies throughout your treatment. You will have the opportunity to speak to a doctor every day and ask questions. 

The length of your stay will depend on the type of cancer you have and at what stage it is, plus your overall health. Your progress will be evaluated every week, then you and your doctor can decide if you want to continue for another week or more. The decision to continue is always yours to make.  

The Center is there to give you a peaceful and hopeful environment. Two delicious, healthy, cancer-fighting meals are provided every day to aid in your treatment. You will also find a wonderful sense of community and support from other patients. Companions of patients can even take advantage of special programs for themselves, including detoxes. 

I am sure you may have many more questions. I urge you to give Immunity Therapy Center a call. Dr. Bautista and the staff want to provide the highest quality medical care. By using these alternative therapies and natural treatments, it gives hope and healing where previously there has been none.

You should consider Immunity Therapy Center as your first choice for treatment, not your last resort. The Center is very successful and has multiple testimonials from patients that have found hope and healing and quality of life.

Dr. Bautista and the staff want you to “Have Faith, Not Fear.”


For More Information:

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