Issue 116 | February 2023


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February 2023 issue of Plain Values magazine. This issue is themed around education, with a bonus section from Marlin’s wife, Lisa, on their new one-room schoolhouse!

Also inside this issue:

  • Learning Through Experience by Joel Salatin
  • Re-Imagining the One-Room Schoolhouse by Rory Feek
  • (BONUS) What If We’d Build a Schoolhouse? by Lisa Miller
  • The Roundtable | Amish Insights on: Education
  • Life Lessons by Melissa Norris
  • Rural Free by Shawn & Beth Dougherty
  • Getting Married… Again by Ferree Hardy
  • Proof of God by Wendy Cunningham
  • Pork Rhyne: The Pork Evangelist by Sabrina Schlabach
  • Whispers of Hope: Sunshine for the Soul by Darren Gagnon

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