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We’re grateful and humbled when someone takes the time to get to know our story and share it with those that are closest to them. Your enthusiasm and love motivate us! If you’ve seen something in us that might resonate with your audience, we’d love to chat and explore potential opportunities. We love collaborating and connecting with other creatives. For all inquiries, please send us an email.

Featured in Rory Feeks Blog

I’ve been a writer for a good long while now. It started with songwriting when I moved to Nashville in 1995 (actually fifteen years before that when I wrote my first song), and then years later in 2014, I began writing stories on this blog.

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Featured in The Epoch Times

Marlin Miller started a magazine unlike anything on newstands today. Embracing traditional values and faith, it offers a light in modern times. When most people think of the Amish, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a magazine.

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Featured on Amish America

There was a nice article recently in the Epoch Times, a feature on the monthly publication Plain Values, which has become popular with both Amish and non-Amish alike. The publisher of the magazine is Marlin Miller, who grew up Amish.

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Musings From The Lunatic Farmer Logo

Featured on Joel Salatin's Blog - The Lunatic Farmer

I’m now writing a monthly column for the magazine PLAIN VALUES and this is a plug for everyone to subscribe. Historically it has been aimed at the Amish-Mennonite community (people who dress plain) but its success is moving to a broader base.

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From Our Home To Yours

Starting a Tiny School on Our Homestead | Episode 1

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An Evening with Joel Salatin

Exciting Progress on Juneberry Hill Schoolhouse

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Join us. Subscribe today and begin moving toward a more authentic life.