Exciting Steps in the Building Process – Update #9

The juneberry tree in our backyard is in full bloom, as are some exciting steps in the building process!

We are happy to announce that the IRS determination letter has been received and Juneberry Hill Schoolhouse is an officially approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization! For everyone who has already purchased a ticket to one of the fundraisers for the schoolhouse, we sincerely thank you. For those of you who have been thinking about it but have not yet acted, there are still seats available at the dinner with Rory Feek on June 20 as well as tickets available for his concert on June 21. An online purchasing option has been added for the ticket sales to the Fundraising dinner and can be found here. Tickets for the concert on June 21 can be found here.

The needed building plans and subsequent permits have been secured, and our front pasture is aflutter with a few dozen tiny flags waving in the breeze marking the corners, lines, and locations for the foundation and the EPA-approved septic system.


Flags in Marlin and Lisa's front pasture.

Flags in Marlin and Lisa’s front pasture marking the location of the schoolhouse foundation and the septic system.


Thanks to the efforts of Marlin and the generous donations from several local business owners, we have scheduled the excavator to begin in a few weeks as we now have the needed funds for the septic system and the digging of the foundation where the 1850 one-room schoolhouse will soon stand once more. It has been determined by the builder that the smaller one-room schoolhouse would be best standing as it is versus being built together with the larger schoolhouse. But don’t worry, the small red one-room schoolhouse will still serve a wonderful purpose and be preserved as it is. The larger one-room schoolhouse will be rebuilt and have a new addition added onto the back to house the restrooms and a storage room while the main 20×24 schoolhouse will remain intact as the classroom for the students.

The board of directors and I are very excited as we continue to press on! The working paperwork for the schoolhouse is nearly complete and we have had several families contact us who are interested in applying for their children to attend—as well as a few individuals interested in applying for the teaching position once the applications open.

Please consider attending one or both fundraisers for Juneberry Hill Schoolhouse. If you are unable to attend but you know someone who would like to, consider purchasing a ticket as a gift! They will have a memorable time and we sincerely appreciate your support to create a one-room schoolhouse where everyone is welcome, shoes are optional, and we are “Growing faith, friendships, and a love for learning!”

May you find joy in the simple things in life,



Breaking Ground – Update #10

Breaking Ground – Update #10

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