Amish in the Equine Industry

Could your business or organization benefit from marketing to the Amish Communities? Amish and the equine industry have a long-standing relationship, dating back to the first settlements in Pennsylvania. We are hoping to provide some more information regarding the Amish in the Equine industry.

Three Reasons to market to the Amish

If you are in the equine industry you probably already have Amish clientele. They are likely even some of your biggest clients. They certainly could be, anyway. Here’s why.

Reason #1: Amish families own an average of five horses.

There is an average of five horses per family in our magazine’s audience of forty thousand Amish homes. That would be around 200,000 horses.

Reason #2: They are open to outside help.

Most Amish are open to products and services from outside their tight-knit community, despite their reputation of being closed off from the rest of the world. According to our research, 63% of Amish are already using equine supplements, and 42% have used equine therapy.

Reason #3: Amish Horses NEED your products.

100 percent of Amish use a horse and buggy as their primary form of transportation, and they pride themselves in a healthy, strong, and well-trained horse. 27 percent of Amish households farm for a living and 74 percent of them use horses to do most or all the work instead of the machines modern farmers use today. Their livelihood depends on their horses staying healthy and strong, and those horses depend on great equipment and products to help them get the job done.
So if you know of any great products, contact us; We can help you market to the Amish through our magazine, Just Plain Values.

Summary of Stats:

Amish Families have an average of 5 horses per property

42% have used an Equine Therapist
63% use Equine Supplements

First response when a horse is sick:

33% Contact a Vet
61% Use Home Remedies
27% of Amish farm for a living

Average of 99 acres per farm

74% use horses
60% use only horses
14% use horses and tractors
23% use only tractors

Do readers look at advertisements in PV?

Yes: 97%
No: 2%

Have readers contacted a business as a result of a PV ad?

Yes: 48%
No: 49%

Have readers purchased a product/service as a result of a PV ad?

Yes: 32%
No: 62%




Statistics were gathered from 2,006 Amish homes in a 2017 survey.

Do Amish Use Supplements? Read more about the Amish Connection to Health and Wellness.




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