An Accidental Success

Dan and Jennifer Lane never intended to make and sell fertilizer. As a fourth-generation farming family, they were plenty busy raising their children and managing their farm in Delaware County, Ohio. But when they couldn’t find the kind of high-quality fertilizer they were looking for on the market, they decided to make their own.

The couple had one non-negotiable requirement: their fertilizer had to be full of nutrients that would replenish the soil and, in turn, improve plant health. For the Lanes, healthy soil was the absolute key to healthier plants that would deliver higher yields, better flavor, and better nutrition. After some trial and error, they ultimately hit on a formula that contained an ideal blend of essential nutrients, micro-nutrients, and minerals, and was completely free of fillers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and GMO ingredients. It also—unbelievably—delivered maximum results in a single application per season.

It wasn’t long before parishioners at the Lane’s church started asking the couple for growing advice. With their servants’ hearts and mindset, Dan and Jennifer began handing out fertilizer samples wanting nothing more than to help their friends. Word spread quickly, and—almost before they realized it—the Lanes were in the fertilizer business.

HyR BRIX ® is Born, and Fertilizer Will Never be The Same

As they moved closer to putting their fertilizer on the market, the Lanes realized they needed a name and quickly settled on HyR BRIX ®. Brix is a measure of the overall nutrient content of a plant, and the higher the Brix (°Bx), the healthier and tastier the harvest. Jennifer is quick to point out that, “If you compare the flavor of store-bought produce to the flavor of produce grown with our fertilizer, you’ll notice a huge difference because ours delivers a ‘higher Brix’ level.”

Brix levels matter. When soil is amended to provide maximum nutrient value, the resulting produce generally exhibits higher simple and complex sugar content, higher protein content, greater density, sweeter flavor, longer storage attributes, and less disease and insect damage.


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