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Fall Comfort

Fall is here, and with the change in season it is the perfect time to change or update your upholstery. As we prepare to spend more time indoors during the winter months, make sure your upholstered furniture is as cozy and functional as you’ve always wanted. Homestead Furniture has a style and material for every taste, so be sure to see what’s new this fall.

Come See What’s New

It’s not uncommon for shoppers to be unsure of what they really want when it comes to buying new upholstery furniture. We understand that you want to feel confident about your purchase, and that’s why a member of our sales consultant team will help guide you through our showroom.

Top Four Things to Look For When Shopping For a New Recliner

The best thing about relaxing after a long day is sinking into a comfy recliner. Here are the top four things we always point out to customers who are shopping for a new one:

  • Comfort. The cushion surrounding your arm rest is an important item to examine. If it’s not properly cut to fit the shape of the arm, but rather stuffed around it, you’ll notice that over time, the armrests begin to sag because the foam shifts down. When you combine good fabric with quality foam and a well-built frame, you’ll have comfort that lasts a lifetime.
  • Material. All furniture naturally suffers from the wear and tear of daily use. However, top quality upholsteries stand up better to spills and show wear much slower than ordinary brands.
  • Power. Homestead Furniture offers battery packs that allow power recliners to be used without needing access to electricity. These models are easier and more convenient to operate than standard models.
  • Frame. Pay attention to the quality of your recliner’s frame. Ask questions about how it is made. Poorly-made models have weak frames that are unable to withstand normal use and tend to break down after only a few months. When recliners are built with low-quality materials, the arms are the first area to go.

Classic, Traditional Craftsmanship

When buying furniture, many customers feel limited to what they see on a showroom floor. At Homestead Furniture, we showcase hundreds of design options in our showroom, but we aren’t limited by color, shape, size, or material. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for the function you want when you shop with us. We offer hundreds of options in color and material, so you’ll never have to settle for a piece that’s just ‘okay.’

Never Sacrifice Quality

There’s a misconception that beautiful furniture can’t also be functional or well- crafted. At Homestead, we know that’s simply not true. Every piece of furniture we sell is backed by our Homestead Guarantee. We never sell furniture that we wouldn’t take home ourselves. That’s why each piece is carefully inspected and run through quality control before delivery.

One-stop For Top Brands

Homestead is proud to carry upholstered furniture from dozens of top brands, including:

  • LA Z BOY

You’ll notice that the brands we carry are all American or German-made. We never sell furniture that is mass manufactured in Asia, because we find the quality of product to be a substandard quality that we refuse to put in our showroom.

La-Z-Boy’s 7 Superior Features

When it comes to recliners, La-Z-Boy is arguably the most recognizable brand around. That’s why Homestead is proud to sell La-Z-Boy products in our showroom. There are seven important features that set these recliners apart:

  • Exclusive Lower Back Support: When you recline and there’s a gap between your lower back and the seat, pain often follows. La-Z-Boy is the only recliner that prevents this pain by offering superior back support in every reclining position.
  • Recline and Rock: When it comes to comfort, this brand can’t be beat. This is the only recliner that can recline your back without needing to also put your leg rest up.
  • Three Locking Footrest Positions: For the ultimate comfort, La-Z-Boy’s patented locking footrest allows your feet to be angled in three different positions, rather than being locked into just one.
  • Sixteen Locking Rocker Positions: There are 16 different positions that you can lock and rock through until you find the one that suits you best. La-Z-Boy calls this, “The Sound of Comfort.”
  • Uni-body Frame Construction: This patented frame is what makes La-Z-Boy products so long-lasting and durable.
  • Dual Locking Footrest: You never need to worry that your footrest might suddenly collapse while pets or children play underneath. This feature prevents accidents from happening.
  • Contour Cut Foam: This foam offers the ultimate comfort by holding its shape longer, looking nicer, and surpassing all comfort than what’s used in typical recliners.

A Furniture Company With Heart

It’s important that you’re able to find high-quality upholstery from a local business you can trust. That’s why, for almost 30 years, we have earned the reputation for going the extra mile to make it right. We believe you deserve to be proud of the furniture you bring home from our store. We craft furniture that is built to last through this generation and the next.

Our company was built on the belief that furniture should fit the homeowner’s exact need — not the other way around. We can create custom furniture for every room in your house, with practically no restrictions. Whether you’re looking for a cozy recliner, a beautiful sectional for your living room, a stunning leather sofa, or even the perfect outdoor living set, Homestead will make sure you love every aspect of your home.

Community First

We appreciate our community’s continued participation in events like the SERVE Conference and Go Eddie 5K. It is incredibly encouraging to partner with our local community, and we are always so appreciative when you support these events. Homestead truly enjoys the opportunity to engage with the community we are so proud to be a part of.

Locally, we are known for quality and customization. We sell custom furniture that is built to last through this generation and the next. We believe you deserve to be proud of the furniture you bring home from our store.



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