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Hey what’s the good word!

Attitude: the capacity to stay positive and optimistic despite the circumstances. I want to take a dive under the hood with this topic and see if any of you need a tune-up.

If we have a positive attitude, we think optimistically, hopefully, and cooperatively, and our behavior reflects this thinking. If we have a negative attitude, we are resentful, uncooperative, and cynical in our thinking and behavior. Which attitude do you typically possess?

Attitude is a value closely associated with success or the lack thereof. Typically, mediocre teams consist of players or employees that are negative, believe things are never their fault, or have bad attitudes. Great teams, however, have extremely positive people, and that’s contagious. They choose positive thoughts and behaviors and are constantly optimistic in every circumstance.

Attitude requires a couple of things. First, our attitude is our choice. When we accept responsibility for our attitude, we can see every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. It is not always easy to be hopeful and positive, but we get to choose.

Next is control. We must take responsibility for filtering the input from our environment. We need to step back, take an honest look at positive and negative influences, and control them. We can limit the time we spend in the presence of people with poor attitudes, and we can work to rid our lives of our own negative habits.

Finally, there is contribution. Positive people are generous people. They see the good in others because they look for it. They encourage people who are down, compliment others, share affection, and give credit to others. The more we share positivity with others, the more we reinforce it in our own lives.

Certain things will hinder you from having a good attitude. Let’s start with blame. Blaming others makes it difficult to have a positive attitude and gives control of our situation to other people and circumstances. We blame our attitudes on fate, experiences, parents, relationships—even God. When we blame outside forces, we lose the power to impact our own lives, let alone the lives of others.

Another hindrance is fatigue. Exhaustion can strip hopeful people of their positive perspective. Without proper rest and rejuvenation, we will find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook. And I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a little cranky when I’m hungry.

I’ve found two exercises to be very beneficial in my life. The first one is a gratitude journal. Every morning, write down three (or more) things for which you are grateful. This will have a great impact on you and your attitude. The second one is the “No Complaining’ challenge. The goal is to not complain for twenty-four hours straight. Good luck; this one is tough for me, but my complaining goes down significantly when I do this.

It is essential to have the right attitude and approach to your life and work. When you see the good, look for the good, and expect the good, you find the good and the good finds you.

So, ask yourself where you are not seeing, looking for, or expecting the good in your life. One place you could start is simply by adjusting your own attitude.

Now that’s GOOD STUFF!

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