Faith Centered Simple Living

Plain Values is a monthly magazine dedicated to the notion that faith centered simple living within community is still possible today.
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What’s Inside?

Wendy Cunningham

Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston has been helping parents and teens for more than 40 years. He is the founder and executive director of Heartlight, a residential counseling center for teens, which has helped more than 2,500 struggling adolescents.

Joel Salatin


Joel co-owns, with his family, Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia. He teaches farming and homesteading in natural ways that promote quality, godly stewardship, and regeneration of the earth.

Mom with a child with special needs

Serving Our Neighbors

Opportunity to serve is all around us. This column showcases ways in which we can be generous with our resources. Whether that is with time, money, or prayer, all are important in helping our neighbor.

Rory Feek

Rory Feek

Rory is a storyteller, songwriter, author, filmmaker, and one-half of the Grammy-award-winning duo, Joey+Rory. He will share lessons he has learned, and is still learning, as he nurtures close-knit community and family.

Wendy Cunningham

Wendy Cunningham

Wendy and her husband, Tom, live on a homestead and homeschool their three amazing children. Wendy was once an atheist but now loves Jesus and seeks to inspire people to step into their calling. Her writings will dive deep into relevant matters pertaining to the faith.

Amish man with his horse

The Roundtable

Reader-submitted questions to our panel of Amish friends, seeking to gain insight into their views on living in genuine community.

Mom with a child with special needs

Theron Hutton

Dr. Hutton has a passion for helping people live their lives in healthy and thoughtful ways. He believes it is important to treat our bodies with care (after all, we only get one) and to utilize nutrition and supplementation to feel our best.

Melissa Norris

Melissa K. Norris

A long-time influencer in the homestead community, Melissa shares practical tips and tricks for homesteading, gardening, and cooking. She warns that if you join her in this way of life, you may quickly become addicted to Mason jars…

Ferree Hardy

Ferree Hardy

You’re not alone! That is the message of Ferree Hardy’s writings. She has been through the difficulty of losing a spouse and wants to share the value of what God has shown her. Here you’ll find comfort and practical ways to begin looking forward again.

Shawn and Beth Dougherty

Shawn & Beth Dougherty

Shawn and Beth live in eastern Ohio on their 17-acre home farm. They raise cows, sheep, hogs, and poultry, and produce most of their own food and feed on the farm. Enjoy the thoughtful insights they glean from their everyday life on the farm.

Marlin Miller with his dog

One Minute With Marlin

Marlin Miller is the publisher of Plain Values. He is an excellent storyteller, and we know you’ll love his bite-sized messages.



“I love Plain Values. The morning I received my very own first issue in the mail, I sat and read three articles consecutively. I rarely ever sit in the mornings after I’ve started my day on the farm. Y’all do an incredible job choosing the most dedicated and thoughtful authors for your line up. I just wanted to say, thank you!

In this world of distraction (mostly via technology), it is so delightful to just sit, paper in hand, thumbing through a wholesome “plain” compilation of safe stories for my mind and heart to take in. There are no agendas, sales pressures, or facts to checks—just real people, real life, in real time. It’s hard to wait an entire month for the next issue, not gonna lie!

The authors not only bring us truth and knowledge in each issue, they take up residence in our hearts and minds, causing a forever change in the way we see the world. We fully support your endeavor and the challenge to be still, read and enjoy the benefits that plain values bring.”

~ April




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“First, when I say I’ve poured over the issues of Plain Values that I picked up … it’s not an exaggeration. The article on forgiveness and the reality that the words might be easy, but the tears and struggle behind the scenes are real touched me so much. Frankly, the lesson that a spirit of forgiveness isn’t something that you call on in a big moment of need, but rather something you build in small moments throughout life is one that sticks with you.

Marlin, this is an incredible mission that you’re doing. I’m so grateful to have come across it. The boldness with which you speak truth is refreshing and feels like home and community just in reading it!

~ Sarah


“The warmest magazine I have ever read. It has a heart. I Discovered Ferree Hardy wrote a monthly column and, as a widow, needed her heart-filled instruction to go on with healing and living a vibrant life. Thank you.”

~ Anonymous Reader


“We love Plain Values. You are so uplifting. There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle. Keep up your good work. Blessings.”

~ Robert


“I love the publication. Keep up the great poignant writing about meaningful topics. It is very hard to find a Christian publication that speaks to the core truth so clearly, simply, directly, rather than spend wasted time spinning topics to fit a narrative.”

~ Anonymous Reader


“Thank you so much for publishing such a meaningful magazine!! God bless all your efforts.”

~ The Petersheim Family


“We absolutely love Plain Values magazine and pray for you as you educate us and help children through your organization. What a much kinder, gentler, and better world this would and could be if our society returned to the Lord and practiced these ‘plain values’ daily.”

~ Shawn


“I thoroughly enjoy reading it from cover to cover. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. God’s blessing on you and your staff.”

~ Valerie


“You cover such a wide variety of subjects making it a worthwhile magazine for anyone. In this day and age, it’s challenging trying to find well-written, well-presented, Christian based magazines, & I definitely don’t want to discontinue my subscription! Thanks & God bless you for what you do!”

~ Viola


“It’s a great magazine. It’s professionally formatted and attractive.”

~ Conrad