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You’ve Probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” We eat right and do our best to be healthy, but have you ever considered the soil? How healthy is the soil that our fruits and vegetables come from? How healthy are the grasses and grains our livestock and horses are eating? What they eat ultimately affects us. I want to introduce you to AG-USA and their product MycorrPlus. It is an all-natural soil restoration product whose microbes help to remove toxins from the soil. This produces a nutrient rich, better-tasting plant that yields abundantly more than you may be getting now.

For eighteen years, Paul Schneider Jr. and his wife were missionaries in Ghana, West Africa. After returning from Ghana, Paul decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and began selling the soil amendment products his father had sold back in 1969. But being the inquisitive scientist he was, Paul hoped for even more–an economical solution for getting crops to taste better, produce a larger yield, and be more beneficial to the animals and humans that ate the crops.

Paul discovered a book by Dr. Maynard Murray called, “Fertility from the Ocean Deep,” available from Acres USA. He read Dr. Murray’s research about how the sea contains many trace minerals that are lacking in our soils. Dr. Murray discovered that when land animals were fed with crops fertilized with sea minerals, they were healthier and not as susceptible to diseases. The soil needs minerals. Paul began to pray, the Lord answered, directing him to Gerry Amena in Australia and GroPal sea mineral concentrate. In 2006, Paul became Gerry’s first GroPal dealer for the USA.

In 2015, the Lord instructed Paul to combine Soil Balance and GroPal, saying the new formula would become his flagship product. It is now called MycorrPlus. Paul sold it initially to mostly grass farmers and gardeners.

What is MycorrPlus, and just how different is it from anything else you can buy? To list a few of its thirty ingredients, MycorrPlus contains GroPal, fish, kelp, humic and fulvic acids, molasses, four strains of mycorrhizal fungi, and seventy strains of aerobic bacteria. Our soil is depleted of minerals, and MycorrPlus helps to meet this need, plus it helps to jumpstart biological life in the soil. It helps to break down toxins in the soil and flush salts out of the root zone. It helps to greatly increase carbon sequestration, which all by itself gives us more than thirty benefits.

The microbes in MycorrPlus create air pockets in the soil, which allows moisture to soak in when it rains instead of leaving water standing in the field.

MycorrPlus also balances nutrients in the soil and creates a situation where mycorrhizal fungi can thrive. Through photosynthesis, the plant is able to sequester extra sugar to feed the fungi. The fungi, in turn, find and transport phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and other nutrients back to the plant. MycorrPlus helps to produce a protein-rich and nutrient-dense grass; new, dark, rich topsoil; high test-weights in grain crops and so much more. MycorrPlus acts like an aerobic net in the soil that holds in the nutrients and moisture.

Most people put out MycorrPlus once a year. Since you want to get it down into the soil, Paul said that you want to apply when there is good moisture in the soil but not overly saturated. 

As MycorrPlus highly structures the soil, this structuring will help to store rain, so that you have moisture to help you through dry times.

Your animals will become spoiled. By feeding on the grasses and grains nourished with MycorrPlus, they will not want to return to the undernourished grasses and grains they were once eating. Their well-being will be evident.

Cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and pigs will all benefit. It has been proven, through hundreds of testimonials, that livestock gain and fill out better. In addition, your crops and gardens will develop huge root masses. By using MycorrPlus, you can have better-tasting products and a larger yield. Again, there are many who have testified to this!

MycorrPlus is a liquid and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: 8 ounces, quart, gallon, 5-gallon bucket, and 150-300 gallon tote.

There are 100 dealers of MycorrPlus in the USA and one in Canada. If you have any questions or would like to find a dealer near you, please give AG-USA a call. You can also write or call for a free information packet. They are happy to help, and they ship all over the United States and Canada.

Use MycorrPLus on your soil, and watch as it replenishes with nutrients producing better tasting and greater yields, which in turn produces better, healthier animals. Give them a call today, and experience the benefits for yourself and others.

AG-USA is a Christian company that seeks to give God ALL the glory! Their goal is to help as many people as they can. Their mission is to be a blessing to everyone they come in contact with.



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